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Your Breasts is an independent company

Focusing on affordable breast surgery for those women unable to afford the high regular prices quoted in today’s world. It is so often the case that young women save money to afford the breast surgery, to discover that their goals are unachievable due to increasingly high costs. YB focuses on good quality surgery, and the company has been able to combine very affordable costing with well accomplished, competent and experienced plastic surgeons,

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Dr. Jenkin

Dr Jenkin completed her undergraduate training at The University of the Witwatersrand in 2001.

Dr. Dale Geoffreys

Dr. Geoffreys finished his medical training at the University of Cape town in 2001, after which he did the standard internship

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At our medical practice, numerous patients come from out of town, and from different provinces throughout South Africa.

Internationally, Dr. Dale Geoffreys and Dr. Aimee Jenkin are regarded for their expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Board certified in South Africa, they have both established strong ties among colleagues, patients and friends within South Africa and worldwide.

Because the doctors are highly sought after, their medical practice has created "Virtual Consultations" to meet the needs of his patients wherever they may live.

COVID-19 virtual consultations will be available to all patients wanting to consult the doctors during the lockdown period.

These communications are implemented via Skype, Wattsapp or ZOOM.

Although virtual, these consultations are tailored to meet every aesthetic need and desire.

Without ever having to leave the comfort of home, you’ll be meeting with

YOURBREASTS surgeons, Dr. Dale Geoffreys and Dr. Aimee Jenkin

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