Clinic Time Mon - Fri - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Clinic

Alchimia Cosmetic & Surgery Clinic

Alchimia Clinic is a Day Care Surgery and Cosmetic Clinic with special emphasis on comfort, ease and discretion in a nurturing environment with the highest quality facilities. The Clinic operates throughout the year in Cape Town, South Africa.

Centre Of Excellence

Recognised for professionalism, high-level care, quality & safety.

Full Accreditation

Full accreditation & certification with all relevant control councils including Department of Health (D.O.H.) and Cape Town City Council, National Hospital Network (NHN)

Convenient, Cost Effective, Quick Access

Easy access, hassle free appointments, excellent rates, assistance with medical aid authorisation

Security & Safety

Brand new, state of the art equipment with sophisticated hygiene, air, fire & safety controls

Focused on Patient Comfort

Personal, private, compassionate and focused on patient well-being and care, excellent recovery facilities.

Medical Aid Approved

Fully registered with Medical Aid Schemes and Board of Healthcare Funds (BHF)

Affiliation With Your Breasts (YB)

Alchimia Clinic is the first clinic proudly associated with YB. The Clinic mission statement parallels that of YB. Affordability, safety, security and confidentiality are provided to all patients. Strict quality and financial controls enables the management to provide a world-class service for very affordable rates.

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