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Pricing Surgery Fees

A standard and benchmark fee for the following procedures include:

Breast augmentation starting from R38 500
Breast reduction starting from R46 500
Breast lift mastopexy starting from R41 000

These fees include the cost of:

  • The Plastic Surgeon
  • The Anaesthetist
  • The Hospital and Nursing Fees
  • The Implant
  • Post-Operative Care

These prices may vary with patients that require specialist procedures, like in the case of noticeable asymmetry or if breasts are constricted or of an unusual shape, e.g. tuberous breast deformity.

Consultation Fees

An initial consultation fee R600.00
Follow up consultations are Free.

Why are YB prices more affordable than other clinics?

A partnership with Alchimia Clinic means incredible savings for our patients. In addition, we have pre-arranged discounts with our implant suppliers and other medical facilities and supplies. Our team of surgeons and anaesthetists also offer discounted rates to make procedures affordable to more women. An additional safety and surety is that surgery is performed by specialist plastic surgeons rather than a GP or non-specialised surgeon. This guarantees a higher level of expertise.

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