Clinic Time Mon - Fri - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Process


Before making any decisions, an in-depth consultation with the surgeon will help you assess the best route to take. After a breast examination and a comprehensive discussion of what you want to achieve, the surgeon will explain what’s available and how the surgery is performed. The Surgeon will show you before and after photographs of his work.

It’s best to wear a sports bra to your appointment without underwire or padding. If you have any reference photos of how you would like to look, bring these with you.

During the 45-minute appointment, the surgeon will assess your particular needs in accordance with what is available and possible. Sizing, implant types and positioning, incision options including aftercare and any risks involved will be explained in depth. Detailed photos are taken and the surgeon may go through before and after photos from other clients to show you what is possible in your individual case. The surgeon is available to answer as many questions you need to ask to feel comfortable and certain. After a consultation, there is no obligation to schedule surgery and if you feel any reticence you are free to change your mind.


As with all operations, the patient will be required to abstain from eating on the morning of the scheduled date. On arrival, the patient will be given a gown to change into. The anaesthetist will administer the anaesthesia and the surgery will take between 1- 3 hours, depending on the procedure.

The patient will be wheeled into a recovery room and a nurse will attend to her until she is ready to be released. Assistance and help is given as well as effective pain-relieving medication.

There is a recovery retreat option available on request.


Special emphasis is given to aftercare and the patient will be given scheduled follow up appointments. A helpline will be available for any concerns.

Lifetime Care

A key feature of YB is the focus on lifetime care. Follow up appointments and regular checks are part of the scheduled care programme available. Your surgeon will be available at any time in the future for examinations or to address any concerns you may have. Implants have a limited lifespan and at some stage may need to be replaced. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.

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