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About Us

Your Breasts (YB) Mission Statement :

Your Breasts (YB) is an independent company focusing on affordable breast surgery for those women unable to afford the high regular prices quoted in today’s world. It is so often the case that young women save money to afford the breast surgery, to discover that their goals are unachievable due to increasingly high costs. YB focuses on good quality surgery, and the company has been able to combine very affordable costing with well accomplished, competent and experienced plastic surgeons, all of whom are FULLY registered with the HPCSA and APRASSA. All procedures are performed at the Alchimia Clinic in Cape Town. There is a comprehensive screening and consulting process. The implants used are of the highest quality, offering guarantees and certified by the regulatory boards, such as FDA and CE approval.

Other breast surgeries offered by Your Breasts:

  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lift with/without implant
  • Tuberous breast reconstruction
  • Inverted nipple correction
  • Male breast surgery ( Gynaecomastia)

ALCHIMIA CLINIC, is fully registered with the Dept. of Health (DOH) as well as the National Hospital Network (NHN) hospital.

Pricing is always an issue when it comes to breast augmentation and other breast surgeries.
Patients tend to source the cheapest services, which are often performed by non-qualified plastic surgeons, resulting in complications and revisionary surgeries. This obviously exposes the patients to serious risk with minimal to no aftercare.

YourBreasts offers a well-priced option for a procedure which becomes affordable to many women, whilst offering the highest standards.

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